Photoshop Secrets of the Pros: The Photoshop Tennis Book, by Mark Clarkson

Looking for creative inspiration?

You'll find it in this original, full-color book, in which top artists and designers (from classic print designers to cutting-edge web designers) challenge each other to games of Photoshop Tennis.

I brought together 20 talented artists and designers from around the world to face off, two at a time in collisions of differing tastes and tools and backgrounds and expectations. I've pitted men against women, web designers against illustrators, Holland against New York.

The result is a fascinating look at how they create stunning images under pressure, from their favorite tools and techniques to how they approach creative challenges and discover new visual ideas.

Buy the book, and you'll get a ring-side seat to watch them build, battle, and collaborate, slamming pieces of high-res art back and forth for your amusement and edification. You get never-before-seen work from the pros and unprecedented access to their thoughts. Everybody wins. What could be more fun?

The CD features all 100 pieces of original high-resolution art created for the book, and trial versions of Illustrator, Flash MX, Freehand, and Auto-Illustrator.

Photoshop Secrets of the Pros ISBN 0-7821-4191-9
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